Some 2012 wedding hair styles done by Laurie Rourke

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Working on some looks for the 2012 Bridal season in New England.

Here is another view of this very textured and unique wedding hairstyle that I have added to share.

Braids are very much back and “in” more than ever!

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Simple additions to dress up your doo!

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low loose style with a beautiful orchid

If you like a less “done up” look and prefer a simple loose style that is just a bit more casual for the current day wedding style, an orchid or a soft delicate and colorful flower can add enough to dress it up perfectly.

Hair and Make-up from a wedding party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston that I had the pleasure of providing my services!

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Some great unique dresses for any budget .

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Check out for some great dresses and style.

Unique vintage inspired looks .

November 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

While some brides ¬†prefer more of a classic look¬†, some will love something a little more unique or “vintage”.

There really are so many options and styles to choose from. Gone are the days when there is a specific

way that a bride is expected to look.

Here are some styles that I find very beautiful and just a bit different and very unique.

Here are just a few beachside wedding hair ideas that I love.

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For a beach wedding , simple hair is great . It is also the perfect time to add something from nature and the sea to your look.

Here are a few ideas and some of my favorite looks for the ocean wedding.